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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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Awake children and their mission on planet Earth

As our planet ages many major changes take place in it. Lately many people are waking up from the old programming realizing they have been victims of a deep sleep full of dysfunctional patterns. There are many beautiful souls out there helping humanity move to a new frequency, to the love one.

Some of these beautiful souls are really young, or they look so, but deep down they have a spiritual maturity like no other. Many call them the awake children. 

What is the awake children purpose in here

Why have such loving souls incarnated in a karmic planet like mother Earth? Their main objective in here is to break the old dysfunctional patterns so the humanity unlocks the chain of karma in order to evolve to a more higher frequency. The special gifts these amazing children have are great tools if put in usage where needed.

In the beginning they are being misunderstood by the society as their light looks unreal to the ones living in total darkness. It is normal for this to happen as these children come from higher dimensions and the good thing is that they are in here to help us.

Who are these children?

Indigo Children

Indigos are very rebellious towards the system and the old way of doing things. They are the initiator of the awakening of the masses as it is their soul that does not obey to the dysfunctional system beliefs. These children are in here to break the old programming patterns and open the way for the Crystals to continue the update of the new templates.

What are some common characteristics among the Indigos?

  • Rebellious character
  • They break the old patterns and system beliefs
  • Big eyes
  • Able to see through your soul
  • Usually incarnate in dysfunctional families
  • Know no fear when it comes to fighting outdated systems
  • Strong psychic abilities
  • Strong intuition
  • Many talents
  • Have a deep bond with nature
  • Love animals
  • Indigo aura


Crystal children are born healers. They transmit loving energy with their beautiful voice. It is the Indigos that give birth to such special children as they need the right parenting. And who better than someone who has gone through all the struggle caused by authority can understand them?

A crystal child has the following characteristics:

  • Born healer
  • Animal lover
  • Is able to talk  to trees and vice versa
  • Deep connection with nature
  • Calm voice
  • Very sensitive
  • Little karma or not at all
  • Loner
  • Empathic and sensitive
  • Very sweet
  • Forgiving

Rainbow children

Crystals give birth to the rainbow children. These rainbow children have never been on this planet before so they have no karma. An interesting fact about these souls is their ability to process junk food without any worries.
  • Rainbow aura
  • True healers
  • Strong telepathy
  • No ego
  • Love everyone without conditions
  • Deep connection with nature and animals
  • Come from the 9th dimension
  • Incarnate in consciousness families
  • Very evolved spiritually

Final thoughts

Most of the people who are still living in the third dimension get in a defense mode when someone talks about how special the awake children are. They do so as they do not love themselves without conditions. 

The truth is that indigos, crystals and rainbows are in here to help us evolve spiritually so we can move to a higher dimension.

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