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Thursday, May 25, 2017


Signs you are loving yourself without conditions

Before continuing, read this: Lose your mind and read this, or don’t read it at all.

As kids we receive unconditional love from our parents. So much love we start to understand they love us without conditions. But as we grow up stuff changes. Many of us take different paths experiencing different soul lessons. For some it is going to be really dark! But it is when it gets dark you have to shine your light so you don’t get lost.

This journey is about facing your true self and manifesting it in the physical plane. The ones who tell you different don’t even know who they are. Forgive them as they are in deep sleep. I would take you for crazy few years ago if you told me about spiritual awakening signs, love comes from within, the fact we are eternal and other sacred knowledge which not many are ready to receive and comprehend.
I was in coma too, so I forgive myself now. I forgive myself and others. I do so because I understand.
Looking back at my life I see so much toxic and dysfunction.

Thanks to the spiritual awakening soul is vibrating on the frequency of LOVE, cleaning all mind programming which controlled my life.
When you love yourself without conditions is like bringing heaven on Earth, everything feels so perfect. The only music you hear is the one your true self sings.

But what are some signs one should consider when telling about unconditional love?

Not feeling third dimensional time anymore

When my awakening started I became really disorganized. A layer between my body and my soul started to take place as I was connecting to higher angelic frequencies. The third dimensional stuff such as college, work, cars and other material stuff was not making any sense. It felt like this reality we live in was very slow. By slow I mean in a very low frequency. In other words energy transforming happening on Earth takes so many operations it gets boring being part of it.
And as all the energy coming from angelic sources through the universe flows through your heart your reality starts to shift for better! You realize the difference between soul and material, so how can you measure your soul time by using a metal pointer that makes circles?
Many people living in the fifth dimension would say this is a sign of becoming a fifth dimensional being here on earth too. Yes it is!
Are you curious to know how do I measure time? Oh guys come on, time does not exist! If everything stops moving, does time stop?
The soul lessons make my time.
Realizing love comes from within
What ignited my awakening was a twinflame connection. Or at least that’s what I feel for now. I had dreams of this girl before meeting her in the third dimension and this is where all started. Being lost on her I used to feel very drained in energy. She was on my mind 24/7! But it was not romantic love, it was soul love!

I ended up with a broken heart. But this lesson was needed for me to realize the difference between love and romance. Love comes from the soul, romance is physical. Emotions and shit. Love has nothing to do with emotions! Only the ones who truly love themselves can comprehend these words coming from my soul.
Feeling this warm energy around the heart
The broken heart was not the end of the story. The soul growth I experienced and still experiencing gives me so much good energy around my heart. It feels like a source of love is releasing this vibration to heal the heart. Maybe, who knows?!
The good stuff is that I feel so much love around my heart at certain moments I feel like an angelic being.
Vibrating and radiating love wherever you go
As I walk through my way to uni I have this happy smile on me all the time. Baby kids stare at me with their eyes as their angelic frequency matches mine. All this positive energy wants to manifest in the physical realms through actions so there is always a constant feeling on me I should help others. For example one time when I was in the bus I immediately helped a mother bring her kid in. This is not a big deal to some, but it is to me!
As your soul grows so do your gifts. Seeing through people souls is something which is being developed to a high extent giving me the opportunity to stare at the hurt ones and tell them everything is going to be fine at the end! Just by talking through eyes. As they say eyes are the window to the soul...
Feeling animal spirits
The more you become aware, the more you will be able to feel and read spirits. Being a nerd in my high school time there was no time for playing around with animals. Or there was but I was all about my maths. And I deeply regret it from the bottom of my heart.
Lately I feel a lot for dogs! I can see through their eyes and send them positive energy, healing energy. Not only this, but their soul feels very similar to ours to me.
A great desire to do good
Only when you love yourself you can love another. And by loving yourself without conditions the struggle of others becomes yours! Going from 3d to 5d helps you to realize we are all connected to each other. There are no more things such as long distances, mountains, social status and money separating us.
We never were separated, but is when you update frequency you start to realize it! To feel it! To truly live it!
I have helped so many people in my life giving them soul lessons and money. None of them did anything for me. But I do not regret it as when I do good, I do it for me!
It happens very naturally. The ones who have a soul similar to mine know what I am talking about.

Old toxic templates get deleted

Without a complete cleaning of the toxic templates been inherited to you from your parents or your society there is no way unconditional love can survive. If they take over your soul causing anger issues, hate, dysfunctional behaviors or a thrive to focus only on the material part of this life experience then there is still work to be done. Keep it positive, let your soul clean so it can take over.
I have cleaned so much! I do not own a college degree, a car, money, expensive clothes, house or anything a third dimensional being considers the ultimate treasure. But I do love myself so much nothing can hurt me anymore.
I am untouchable! I radiate love all the time. My aura is so cleaned not a soul has the courage to wrong me!

Romantic relationships do not make sense

I do love women,  but if they are not awake it is hard for me to go and talk to them as all my life I have built connections through energy match. There are no rules for me when it comes to love for a women. If our energy matches let’s go and get them soul lessons...
Once you truly love yourself you can not lie anymore to yourself or another being. So there are no feelings in me to go after a women if there is no soul connection.
The relationship got to be based on the soul connection and manifested in the romantic plane. This is how it is for me. If there is no soul, there is no relationship at all. Just two human being experiencing a romance to hurt their emotions so a lesson can be gained by the soul. It is a bit weird, isn’t it?

Experiencing the untouchable frequency

As far as my consciousness goes I can tell true love is the highest frequency one can experience. All the low vibrations are being defeated by it. When you adjust to the love frequency the mountains look so small, the sky takes shape and your radiation heals those around. 
Only love can make you untouchable!


Every word comes from my soul. And right now I am feeling so much love I want to share it with you. Only love is real, if you want to live a real life then vibrate love from within.

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