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Friday, May 26, 2017


Here are the signs of spiritual awakening based on my personal experience

Spiritual Awakening happens to only a few people in this lifetime. It is something that wakes you up forever and there is no going back!

Once you wake up you can never go to sleep. Your life changes forever. What you thought about yourself does not work anymore as it was fake, projections of the ego's society into you. In this blog post I am going to give you some signs which show you are going through spiritual awakening.

Deep love around your heart


In the beginning of my spiritual awakening i was feeling deep love around my heart. I was feeling so much love everything was looking so beautiful.  I went from pain on my heart to deep love as at that time I had met my twinflame even back then I did not know. This deep love around my heart made me having love for everything on planet earth. For everyone! 

To be honest I was really surprised from this weird experience as I was not getting from what source was this love coming. So I started enjoying it and feeling it as much as possible.

Ego battles

But the love i was feeling around my heart did not last forever. Suddenly i was starting feeling deep pain and darkness took me away. My soul was suffering. My ego was fighting my soul, was trying to tell my soul to shut up!

Some of the ego battles can be the following:

  • True love exists (soul) - Money can buy love (ego)
  • Follow your passion (soul) - Money (ego)
  • You have everything (soul) - You don't have shit (ego)
  • You are going to be ok (soul) - You are going to end up really bad (ego)
  • You can be happy (soul) - You going to struggle if you take life easy (ego)
The ego was attacking me really bad. So many battles in the beginning it got me so i had to experience the dark night of the soul. It gets so dark your soul gets blind, your ego takes you over and your soul starts crying.

I had to shed so many tears, but it was needed for me as I had to do a lot of cleaning to become this light. Everything happens for a reason, and I am really happy it happened because when i look back i really needed it.

During this stage i recommend you don't fight with your ego as it is better to grow. If you choose to fight then you are going to enter through a period of darkness. The more you fight it, the more dark it gets.

All you have to do in order to not suffer is to surrender. By that i mean to really listen to your soul and ignore what the ego tells you. Ego is just programming your parents or the society has done to you. This stage of spiritual awakening can be really painful only if you decide to experience pain, pain is optional.

You can avoid it, just listen to your soul no matter how hard it seems. It is the ego making it harder for you. I know because I have been there. I have been there so I can be here with you, to guide you in your true path.



11:11 is going to be everywhere. Anytime you try to see the time you are going to see 11:11 and this gives you a kind of feeling a bigger force has taken control of your life.

This number is the number of being one, becoming your true self. You don't need your masks anymore, you never needed them! It is time for your ego to die and you to come out of the place where you were hiding.

It is time for you to come home.

This is not the only number those who experience spiritual awakening see. Depending on the situation you are going through you might see different numbers such as 22:22, 12:21, 21:12, 10:10, 11:13, 13:11, 10:30, 01:03, 333, 13:31 etc.

Pay attention to these numbers and check for their meanings on the internet. They are numbers sent from your guarding angels.

You lose all your friends

Once the awakening starts your vibration begins to change, it gets updated. The more you clean the higher you vibrate. Since your friends get left in the ego their mission is done. They can not help you anymore, there is no more connection. 

The connection breaks! The reason for the connection breaking is that you are getting rid of your masks and all the mask based connections can not function without both parties wearing masks.

So don't worry for being without friends, new ones are on the way. You are going to meet other people as you advance in your journey. These people need you and you need them.

There are many online groups where you can find others going through the same stuff. Some I recommend are the following:


The relationship with your parents changes

As you begin to change your parents are going to see it in you and are going to ask what happened to you. Do not go and tell them you are going through spiritual awakening as for sure they are not going to get it unless your all family is in here to wake up.

You start to see many things you did not see before of the awakening. Your parents may not love themselves without conditions and have transmitted this to you. They have probably done everything for you as in money, but did not teach you how to love yourself because they don't know how to. How can they if there is no love for self in them?
Pay attention to the relationship you have with your parents. Heal yourself first, then heal them. This is the purpose of our journey, to love and heal ourselves and then others. 

Sleeping patterns change

You change your sleeping patterns. It was a time i was sleeping at 6 in the morning and waking up at 6 in the afternoon. I became very unproductive. I still am, but now I am improving. Even slow progress is progress!

Your life breaks down

You might lose your job,  drop out of university etc. Your life is about to change forever! In the beginning you are going to fight the change. I did the same. Not me, I mean my ego. The ego does not accept this, the ego had another plan for you.

What really happens in here is that your fake life comes to an end. What you was living was lies and ego. You were not chasing your dreams, but the ones the society had programmed in your ego.

Old system beliefs start to trigger you

The programming of your ego starts since you are a little kid. Your parents transmit their system beliefs to you and they get embedded in your ego. The society does this too.

But as you wake up these system beliefs starts to trigger you, causing you pain. So much pain you thought such pain was never possible to experience.

It is what it is.

At this stage your soul is looking for love and your mind wants to deprogram. But your ego wants to run the old programming. So the key to pass this phase is to surrender.

Always surrender!

The triggering depends on the programming which has be done to your ego. Different societies work on different templates. Some of the templates i have been cleaned may not make sense to a lot of people living in advanced templates, but i know it all happened for a reason.

In primitive templates a university is an escape to a better life. So the challenge in here is between your ego and your soul. The ego tells you have to go to uni, get the fucking degree, marry, have kids and live a happy life :p

The question is what do you really want? What does your soul speak to you when you go to bed late at night?

Can you hear it? Just listen to your soul and surrender to it.

Toxic people are going to make your life look like hell 

Toxic people are the ones who have a lot of toxic in them. They are in here to trigger you so the cleaning is done. I have a cousin who is really toxic and he hates when I progress. As soon as I stopped being his friend he started talking bad stuff about me behind my back.

This triggered me a lot in the beginning and I got real angry at him. All this happens so you can deal with the toxic inside you.

The only reason you attract toxic people in your life is because you still have toxic in you. You may get lost playing their toxic games or you may clean and move on, your choice!

Please surrender to your soul and everything will go fine.


This is a very beautiful phase! During this phase your soul takes over the ego and comes to the surface. Your mind starts to feel empty. You may even experience memory loss. You may not even remember what happened yesterday, but don't worry. This happens for a good reason!!!

I am the proof!

All the programming which was implemented on your ego goes way. You feel high as a kite. You are not grounded anymore as now you do not belong to any template. Your ego does not function anymore.

Only your soul!

Not only you get rid of programming, but all your masks go away! What a relief! You feel all the heaviness and pain your ego was causing you go away!

It is so beautiful, it is!!!

You might be lonely during this time, looking for answers on the web. What happened to you? What happened to all your life? What happened to your dreams?

Nothing happened to your life, nothing happened to your dreams. It was not your life! It was a fake life full of masks.

Soul takes over

In my opinion deprogramming continues for a long period of time depending on how much ego your society has. But once your soul takes over you start feeling deep love around your heart again.

Now you are you. You are the real you. You start feeling like you have been born again! This dramatic change is a change a few experience.

Be proud of who you really are!

As soul takes over you start to find new gifts. For example for me writing this stuff is a gift i did not know i had.

And when i use this gift i help myself heal. And also others!


Once your ego dies you start to feel like you died and came back again as the best version of yourself. Your old self is now dead. All the programming went away! No more pain but deep love around your heart.

Your view on yourself starts to change completely and as you progress you may even find the real purpose of you being in here. Your failures do not trigger you anymore! As the time passes you start to understand yourlself and find your true purpose in here. For me right now is doing some spiritual work and creating authentic content which comes from my journey so far.

During this phase you may even experience some kind of soul shaking inside your body as you are going through a lot of cleaning. Almost everything toxic goes away. No more programming!

It is time for your true self to step out and appear in the three dimensional world! You may do something you never thought you would do in your life for example.

You may go from being an engineer to doing artwork. It feels like this is what you have been waiting for all your life!

You breathe again!

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