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Sunday, May 28, 2017

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Complete signs you have met the false twinflame based on my personal experience

I thought she was the one! I see many awakened twinflames struggling in their journeys, and it is probably because they are mistaking the false twinflame for the true one. Because of the suffering experienced, it is always a good idea to compile a list of the entire signs that prove one has met the false twin, so the truth may be discovered.

They drain all your energy 

A false twin flame drains all your energy. When thinking about the false twinflame, they suck all your energy, leaving you drained and hopeless. It feels like you are losing all your powers. Like you are a prisoner to someone! All day and night is spent thinking about them. This energy vampirism happens on the fifth dimension. What feels like a twinflame connection is nothing but a karmic attachment.  

There is karma between you

The false twinflame tries all the time to put the true one down so he or she can have a feeling of security. There is no love coming from the fake one. All the love is going from the source (true twinflame) to the energy vampire. Once the karma transaction is performed and karma is cleaned, the connection to the fake twinflame automatically breaks. It feels like you never saw him  or her before. Like they never invaded your mind 24/7. Some say the connection to the false twinflame is karma attachment from hell. 

Based on all I have experienced, I can say it is hell! 

The empath and the narcissist 

The true twinflame wants to love and be loved. He or she gives unconditional love to the false twinflame whom in return gives nothing. The empath cares all the time about the energy sucker as he or she is looking for someone to share their love. On the other hand the narcissist (fake twinflame) uses the victim for their own gains.

It is possible to cut cord

Since the tiwnflames are the same soul it is not possible to cut the connection. This is not true for the false twinflame connection. Once the true twinflame has healed him or her self all the connection to the false twinflame breaks.

The false twinflame is in a very low vibration

Speaking from my own personal experience, the false twinflame remains in the same frequency he or she was in the beginning of the relationship. You do so much upgrade on yourself, but they don't even learn how to love themselves without conditions, which in my opinion, is the most important lesson of all!

The aura of the false twinflame is so dirty!!! The fake twin loves to feed on negative emotions, hurting others is their mission.

A lot of invasion in dreams

The false twinflame haunts the true one in their dreams giving messages and sucking the energy of the true one. I used to see my false twin a lot in dreams that manifested in the third dimension reality. All the dreams felt real!

It is for sure that once the healing is done the false twinflame does not appear in your dreams anymore, he or she stops bothering you...

It is about lessons

Many of you may ask: "What is the purpose of having a false twinflame?" When one reaches unconditional love they will be able to understand that the purpose of this journey is to connect back to the true self and unite with it. A false twinflame is in here to teach us how to love ourselves without conditions. 

The followings are some of the lessons I got from the experience with the false twinflame:

  • Before loving another one you should love yourself
  • True acceptance comes from inside
  • Forgiveness is needed to move forward in life
  • This journey is about spiritual growth
  • True love comes from the inside
  • Only love is real

I also did a video to explain all the above and share my personal experience with you guys. Enjoy watching it. Feel free to follow me on my personal facebook profile for spiritual wisdom and help.



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