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Friday, September 21, 2018

Key signs you are falling back to the outdated patterns you had before of the spiritual awakening


Once one goes through the spiritual awakening process, they cleanse a lot of toxic and outdated patterns stored within them. Although the awakening helps one to progress a lot based on unconditional love, the dark energies are still present within us; and they do manifest.

It is true that the Kingdom Of Heaven is within us since each one of us comes from the infinite light of the creator of the whole universe, but due to the attachment in the physical, darkness is being born.

Most of the lightworkers consider it as an illusion, but in my opinion they're blind in this aspect as the evil energies manifest too!

Been through spiritual awakening myself, lately I am manifesting many of the outdated patterns which I thought were totally cleansed from within due to the frequency upgrade. With the main purpose of helping those in the spiritual community, I am compiling a list of key signs which prove that one is falling prey of the outdated patterns.

You have started to judge people again 

When far away from unconditional love, people take actions based on low vibrations such as fear, jealousy and hate. To judge others means to judge yourself. Regardless of the fact that you are spiritually awake, old energies trigger outdated patterns in you and you start to see others from a dark point of view.

Personally I don't judge people. I usually do help them with my own light so they can wake up from the deep sleep. Lately, I have fallen prey of the fear based templates and I am judging some people.

You don't believe unconditional love is the solution to everything, like you used to do

When the initiate experiences true unconditional love from within, they feel like they have entered Heaven on earth. Having gone through the spiritual awakening myself, I used to believe that love is the solution to everything; and that's true!

The light exposes the darkness. There is nothing covered that the true light can not reveal. Going through another Dark Night Of The Soul, I am losing the initial belief in the power of love.

You have started to care about the news, especially the global politics

In the beginning of my spiritual awakening, everything started to trigger me, especially the news my father follows on the television. The vibrations I used to experience, did not resonate with the reality that they try to project on the people through the media. 

So I quit TV for some time. Lately I am very curious about the happenings that take place all over the world, especially the global politics.

You are truly worried about your future

When one goes through the spiritual awakening, the amount of unconditional love they experience forces them to open their eyes. Once lost in darkness, after the initiation they truly realize from within that love without conditions is the only language that can bring peace. After the awakening, the spiritual people have also realized that their future is the moment, not the projections implemented in them during their previous lives, especially their childhood.

Gone through the whole experience of the spiritual awakening myself, lately I am falling prey of the outdated patterns, especially the family ones. And I am truly worried about my future! Not that consuming energy on fear will bring positive results, but I am!

You want to make some money and think constantly about it

The system which we are part of, can not function without the money. At least that's what I think from my own humble understanding. One thing which those in the spiritual awakening community don't care about, is money! Only love matters to them.

To be honest one needs money to survive in this physical reality. In other words, you can not escape the system.

During the beginning of my spiritual awakening, I did not think about money at all, but lately I have fallen prey of the things of this world. I feel it. I am constantly thinking about ways to make money as I am still in the rock bottom.

I know it's a fear based pattern...

You have started to doubt the power within you

Since God created us on his image, the true power is within us, not the world. Those in the spiritual awakening community, are perfectly aware of my statement. I used to strongly believe in the power and gifts from within. I still do!

But lately the world is interfering with me. I have started to doubt my power from within due to the psychological pressure from the old templates. And as a result I have fallen prey of the outdated patterns.

You have started to distance people, even those in the spiritual community

When one truly believes in unconditional love, they are very open to the people, even those who they meet for the first time. According to the spiritual awakening philosophy, we are all brothers and sisters trapped in physical shells. Yes, that's true in a way.

Since our main patterns are being built based on fear, we setup walls with people. Lately I am distancing so many, as they only want to use me for their own gains.

You have started to worry about your physical appearance and your age

Once one enters the Kingdom of Heaven, in a way they feel detached from their physical body, from their outer appearance. They truly understand that they're souls, and not just a physical shell. Age and physical traits do not matter to them, at all!

Been through the spiritual awakening myself, at a certain phase I stopped caring about my age and my physical appearance. Not that I truly do care now, but I am falling prey of the outdated social templates.

So I am stuck again in the outdated patterns...

You have started to care about opinions others have on you

When one goes through the spiritual awakening experience, they truly understand that the judgment of others is the result of their blindness. So they don't care about the opinion of others. Not only they don't care, but they also forgive others for judging them as they know those who judge others act out of the fear vibration.

Prey of the outdated patterns again, lately I am spending a lot of energy on what others think of me; instead of putting it in progressive and good work.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Man creates engagement ring from scratch with the help of free software, his girlfriend accepts the proposal

Love motivates people to move mountains. Having experienced unconditional love myself, I have truly realized its power. As far as my experience goes with it, true love makes one feel like a little child again...

Powered by unconditional love, an anonymous man who has shared a small part of his love story with the Internet through, has managed to perfectly craft a very special engagement ring for his girlfriend. Although not a professional jeweler, the amatuer handyman has produced such a result that anyone in the jewelery business would envy!

According to the original post the final ring produced is a Sterling silver with a 5.5 mm moissanite, presented beneath the old growth redwoods in Big Basin State Park. 

The man behind the authentic engagement story has also detailed almost the entire steps he went through to craft the special ring for his girlfriend. At the beginning, Google SketchUp was used to model the bijouterie as a third dimensional object.

With absolutely zero 3D modeling experience, figuring out what intermediate structures to use as part of the sketch was one of hardest part for the handyman behind the love story. By using a Bezier curve and parallel circles like shown in the following picture, the 'hacker' produced the basic shape of the band.

Then with the help of the Curviloft plugin which is part of the Google SketchUp software, the handyman advanced his project to the point that it started to take shape, he got exactly a 3D looking object.

The 3D band after the handyman threw perpendicular circles on the path that represents cross sections

What in the beginning were just simple two dimensional figures, transformed to a third dimensional object that gave the man in love the feeling of a real ring. Regardless of the fact that the initial idea started to materialize in the Google SketchUp software, the handyman had to face many obstacles until the completion of his project.

One of the many obstacles which the handyman behind the self made ring had to go through, was the creation of the prongs. 

Yes, those parts that hold the stone of the ring fixed. Without one, the self made ring would be a total failure, an uncompleted project; an ugly piece of jewelery!

Having been through many hardships and tough situations in my life, I know its beauty stands within the struggle. Another time, the Bezier curve with circular cross sections saved the handyman.

Once he made sure that he had the prongs, a gem in the default repository helped him to get the ring ready for third dimensional prototyping.  

Not being sure yet about the size of the stone, even after asking his women, the handyman uploaded his project on with the main purpose of  materializing the model as a physical object so they could test it. 

Having three different stones, respectively 5.0 mm, 5.5 mm and 6.0 mm, they decided to go with the 5.5 mm one as it suited the best. After a few rounds of prototyping in plastic materials, the handyman finally decided to go to the final print. 

For those who are interested in the total cost of the above ring, the following list with the expenses can be a good help.

  • Plastic prototypes: ~$4 per part + $5 shipping per iteration. All said and done, ~$40 for me.
  • Sterling Silver Ring: The ring was so small, that this was just the minimum on Shapeways, $35 + $5 shipping per iteration.
  • 5.5 mm Moissanite: $200 from Moissanite Co.
  • Professional setting: $75 from my local Jeweler -- avoid big national jewelers who would prefer to sell you a new ring than set yours. My local jeweler was wonderful and did a great job.
  • Box: $8.
When things are done with passion and love, it is possible to make gold out of mud!


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This selfie statue in Texas is attracting people to take snaps, but not everyone likes it

As the people update the way they live their own life, changes are being reflected everywhere, especially in the arts. Part of the reflection of the cultural global shift, is a town in Texas, Sugar land. With a population estimated at 83000 people, Sugar Land has caught the attention of the global press for the modern statue sitting in its hall.

A selfie statue, donated by an elderly resident who wants to bring art to the masses, sits at the city's hall. According to different media outlets being found online, the selfie statue is based off two real gals who live in Sugar Land.

Although many people like to get close to it with the main purpose of shooting their selfies, there are also those who consider it a total waste of money. Some go so far that want the selfie statue removed from their town.

Lately everyone is an art critic. Personally I do find the idea of the selfie statue very entertaining and for sure it is a true representation of the times we're living in.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Brainwashed child preacher yells Bible's verses at the audience, when they ask about the meaning he gets stuck


Being a Christian myself, I am truly aware to the fact that for one to fully understand the word of God they must be born again through water and spirit. Although most of the people can read the Holy Bible, for sure that only a few of them can understand the context of the verses being used.

Unless one has been touched by the Holy Ghost, they can not understand the word of Jesus Christ as their heart is not open to receive it. They're far away from unconditional love. Their third eye is dirty, and so is their body... They are just corpses moving!

One thing which I truly hate is the religious indoctrination of the little children, without them being aware about the true meaning of the scripture. Memorization of verses is just a mechanical process which should be done by robots and computer machines, not human beings.

While doing some research about Christianity on Youtube, I came across a video in which a child preacher is asked by the audience to yell a verse from the Holy Bible and later interpret it for them so they can understand what it really means.

Famous for yelling verses from the Holy Bible at his school, the child preacher courageously yelled a few words from the scripture, but later when they asked for its context he got stuck.

'I know what it means, but it is a bit hard to understand. Even the prophets didn't know what they were speaking,' the kid said.

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Key reasons why you still keep attracting negative situations in your life, although you're spiritually awake


Having experienced the frequency based spiritual awakening for many years, I am aware on how energy and vibration truly works. Although those in the spiritual community are conscious and know about Law Of Attraction under the hood, they still keep attracting negative situations in their personal life.

Since I still keep attracting bad situations constantly in my life, I am going to share the  key reasons on why it happens from a spiritual perspective.

You still keep connection with the ones that pull you back to the struggle

Having a kind heart, you find it very hard to abandon people so you sacrifice yourself with the main purpose of helping others, even those who don't deserve it at all! Old friends find comfort in you as you're the one who helps them often without conditions; without waiting anything in return.

Being spiritually awake and filled with unconditional love, you setup obstacles to yourself by trying to get others out of darkness. And the sleepy people keep pulling you in the struggle!

Others can easily use you, since you're naive to the darkness

Based on my personal experience, there are many people who come to you as sheep, but in reality they're wolves in sheep clothing. Naive to the darkness, you let them come close to you. You let them know and explore your personal vulnerabilities.

And they exploit you! The wolves in sheep clothes make use of you without you realizing it at all. It happens in subconsciousness level.

Being blind to the darkness of the people around you, you keep accompanying with them regardless of the fact that the only thing they have brought to your life is negativity. 

It is true that darkness and everything that comes out of it is an illusion, but it is also a reality that dark energy manifests too.

You have a lot of work to do from within yet, the old patterns are still present within you

Although the process of the spiritual awakening has brought a lot of awareness within you, you still have a lot of work to do. The old patterns transmitted to you by your society are rooted very deep within your subconsciousness mind and no matter how hard you try to get out of the hole, they keep pulling you backwards.

The old patterns which you have not fully cleansed yet, manifest in the physical dimension and bring back the negative situations in your life.

You're still part of this life, part of your community

It is true that one once goes through spiritual awakening, they experience a huge shift in their own life, but that does not mean that by upgrading their frequency they will disappear from the face of the earth. Another key reason why you still keep attracting negative situations in your life, although you preach unconditional love; is because you're still a human being. You have friends, parents and you are part of a society. And every society has its own inner problems.

It is not a good idea to put all the pressure on yourself on why you're going again backwards with your life.

You have fallen prey of negative thoughts again

The spiritual journey is beautiful, but everything has a price. The good stuff comes with a lot of struggle. Although the Kingdom Of God is within each one of us, sometimes it gets really dark. Been through multiple Dark Nights Of The Soul, I have truly tasted the darkness.

The path is getting still dark for most of us! Jesus Christ had to go through its dark time too. Since God created the entire world through the Word; it is logical to accept that each one of us creates their reality by what comes out of their mouth.

When one lives in an environment which is lost in  very low vibrations such as envy and jealousy, there is a high chance for them to fall prey of the negativity.  Thoughts that are being thought during negativity period, produce struggle!

You have probably lost your patience

Based on my experience with the spiritual awakening, patience is the key to stay attached to unconditional love, to stay within the Kingdom Of God. The material side of this world can be very annoying and destructive for your spiritual path, especially if you're not seeing any huge upgrade within yourself for long period of time.

Without patience, one can not go anywhere!

You are focusing your energies on the things of this world instead of yourself

By focusing on things of this world, which is under the rule of low vibrations, for sure that you are going to manifest the kind of situations that bring a lot of drama in your own life. The true kingdom and inner peace is within you, you're the light of the world.

Being a Christian, I do believe that the authority of this world belongs to darkness and dark beings. Humans are lost in darkness and sin; their third eye is very dirty.

So start to cleanse your darkness from within and then you are going to expose the evil just by what your reflect to them.

As far as my journey goes, we should not love the things of this world as they're just materials that one day will die. What is the point in focusing on the outer world and losing your inner one?!

Final thoughts

Having fallen backwards in your spiritual awakening, does not mean it can not be fixed. Be patient and start to focus within you, within Kingdom Within instead of thinking about the things of this world. This world is dead, but you are alive. So keep going against the flow and things will get better with time!

This gold dusted Burger for the one percent costs exactly $295, probably more than your monthly bills


While most of the people struggle to pay their monthly bills on time, the one percent has the luxury to enjoy expensive stuff which the rest would never afford to consume. The Burger which is being shown in the above photo, costs almost $300, exactly the average salary in third world countries.

Named Le BURGER EXTRAVAGANT, it managed to hit the Guiness World Records as the most expensive burger back in 2012. According to the, the burger is topped with James Montgomery cheddar cheese, black truffles and a fried quail egg.

As for the beef, the Japanse most expensive one is being used for the burger; Wagyu. Being addicted to beef, I am sharing the following photo with you guys.

Although the most expensive burger in the world, the owner is calling for people who can afford to consume it as the money made out of Le BURGER EXTRAVAGANT goes to the homeless people. Every penny of it!

For those curious Burger lovers out there, awakepanda has the following photos. 

Regardless of the delicious taste the Le BURGER EXTRAVAGANT might have, if I had $295 I would feed myself with burgers for the entire year.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Christian parents let their little baby girl to die of dehydration after refusing help for religious reasons, later they receive a murder charge


Christians have a very strong belief in Jesus Christ as their savior from all kinds of things, even from sickness. Being one myself, I have fully surrendered my life as a sheep to the true shepherd. 

Although the King of Kings takes care of all his sheep, for no reason he forces his true believers to refuse help from others. Being all children of God, we must prove our loyalty to Christ by giving and receiving unconditional love which can be expressed in many forms here on earth.

Unfortunately there are those who misunderstand the word of God and make decisions based on false doctrines. Probably not fully aware of their actions, these people refuse to get help by God himself as it is known to us through our entire history that the Lord takes care of his people through others.

A Christian couple let their 10-month-old girl die due to their lack of faith in medical services. According to the father of the baby, doctors are priesthoods of the medical cult.

Seth Welch and Tatiana Fusari are now being charged with a felony murder and first-degree child abuse. What is even scarier, is the fact that after the death of his little baby, Seth showed no repentance.

Referring the evolution theory in one of his religious ranting videos which he posted on social media, Seth said that we should let the weakest die. 

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User fills his smartphone full of rice after dropping it into water, tech community judges his dumb decision

Many people recommend to put a wet smartphone in rice as a way to save it. The theory behind this technique is that the uncooked rice will suck out all the water from the waterlogged device and so bring it back to life.

Inspired by the technique, recently a smartphone user has filled his device full of rice, hopping such decision will bring his tech gadget back to life. 

Anyone with a little brain knows the big difference between putting the smartphone in rice and filling it with rice. Having seen the above photo, the tech community has exploded in comments...

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