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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Three reasons why you should stop believing Tarot Cards, based on my experience


Being in the spiritual awakening part of the New Age movement for more than five years, I have come to the conclusion that the fallen angels stand behind it. All the truth which I am sharing in this website comes after my connection with the Holy Ghost, the true spirit of God. 

Before of my experience with the Holy Spirit, I used to believe in spiritual readers too. Now I have realized that the persons who are pretending to get wisdom from the angels of God, are channeling the fallen ones.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Five hacks to get rid of astral demons, based on my experience with the awakening


Been a victim of astral demons during the spiritual awakening, I do know how it feels like to be drained energetically all the time. Although totally unaware of being used by dark entities who operate in the fifth dimension, there are a few workers of light who are doubting their spiritual awakening based on their frequency upgrade, especially after reading my articles on exposing the New Age.

Those who have come to the conclusion that the spiritual awakening based on 11:11, is nothing, but a a clear setup by the fallen angels; want to get out of it as soon as possible! Having experienced the false awakening myself, for more than five years, I am going to share five hacks which can help the initiate get rid of the fallen angels, who do nothing, but suck their energy.

Ignore the syncs such as 11:11, 222, 333

As I have explained in one of my previous articles, published in this website, the fallen angels send numbers to the initiates through the frequencies in the air; with the main purpose of keeping them inside the fifth dimensional bubble.

When one follows the syncs sent by the fallen angels, not only do they give attention to the astral demons, but they also become prisoners of the fifth dimension, without being aware of the process how it really happens.

Having experienced all the syncs that come with the false spiritual awakening such as 11:11, 222, 333, 444; I have come to the conclusion that by following them, one is being led astray.

The first thing you need to do in order to get rid of the astral demons who live by sucking the energy of others, is to block the messages they send to you through frequencies in the air. Ignore all the syncs such as 11:11, 222, 333, 444; they do come from the false guides who are interested in sucking your energy, by tricking you with a sense of unconditional love in the beginning.

Remind yourself that you are the creator of your reality, not the astral demons

After one discovers they have been a victim of the astral demons, during their spiritual awakening, they get in a shocking state; because not only what they believed in is not true, but evil at the same time!

The fact one has been a victim of dark entities who operate from higher dimensions, make them feel vulnerable and insecure. Truth is that the more fear you vibrate, the higher is the chance that you become a prey of astral demons who trick their prey by promising them unconditional love and salvation in the beginning. 

The true power is within you, you are the creator of your reality. The astral demons can not do anything to you, unless you open the portals of your soul to them.

God created the mankind with free will, which means that everyone is the creator of their reality, unless they look for salvation outside of themselves.

Long story short, the fallen angels can not create a reality for you unless you allow them to use you through different forms, such as the false awakening with the syncs 11:11, 222, 333, 444 etc.

Get rid of false beliefs such as reincarnation

Astral demons do not usually appear in the physical dimension to enslave the initiates of the false spiritual awakening, they use false beliefs such as reincarnation, and many others that mix a lot of truth with a lie.

When one believes in false religions or the false spiritual awakening, they give power to the astral demons, without being aware of it; since everything is energy which vibrates at a certain frequency. 

One creates their reality with their thoughts. By believing in false beliefs such as reincarnation and other lies of the Devil, ones makes themselves automatically slave of the astral demons.

Not only you have to ignore the syncs which the fallen angels send through the frequencies of the air, but you have to also stop believing in false doctrines, that have no other purpose, but to deceive people into Hell!

Prepare your body for the Holy Ghost

Based on the false spiritual awakening, one has to raise frequency in order for them to download information from the source. Having experienced it all, I have come to the conclusion that such belief is a trick of the Devil, who is the master of the power of the air; the master of frequencies.

For one to enter the Kingdom Of God, they have to become like a little child, without ego! God chooses to help people be born again through the Holy Ghost.

Being touched by the Holy Spirit, I am reborn again by the spirit of God. And this time it is not about keeping a high vibration, it is about being a little child.

Accept Jesus Christ as your savior, as your king

Most of the worker of light, who are deceived by the fallen angels into the false spiritual awakening, part of the New Age movement, have constantly attacked me for believing in Jesus Christ, as they can not face him yet.

If workers of light start to reflect on their spiritual journey so far, and try to look at the bigger picture, they will realize that they have been tricked into a fifth dimensional bubble, which is nothing, but another matrix being controlled by the fallen angels through the frequencies in the air. 

If people can fake energies, what make you believe that angels wouldn't do the same?!

Jesus Christ is the true light, the King of Kings. The God of the eternal Kingdom Of Heaven. He is the one who truly loves you without conditions, as he is infinite light, one with God!

Final thoughts

All the hacks shared above come from my personal experience with the false awakening. By following them, one can for sure get rid of the fallen angels, who are out there deceiving people with false doctrines and frequencies through the air.

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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Signs you're a slave of astral demons, based on my experience with spiritual awakening


Spiritual awakening brings great spiritual fruits and gifts for one to experience, but also dangerous situations which in the beginning is not obvious at all to the initiate. Lately I am discovering truths about the awakening, part of the new age movement, that are totally shocking and unacceptable for workers of light who have not realized them yet.

As a fish against the flow, it is my mission to speak the truth based on my personal experience with the spiritual awakening, so in this article I am going to share the complete signs which prove one is a slave of the fifth dimensional beings, due to their frequency raise in their initiation experience.

You receive numbers such as 11:11, 222, 333, 444

In the beginning of the spiritual awakening, part of the new age movement, one receives synchcronicities, which they believe to be guides from angels of God, from divine beings. Having experienced the awakening for more than five years, not only have I discovered the numbers one receives during their vibration upgrade is not from angelic beings, but I have also come to the conclusion that it is the demons, fallen angels, who is transmitting them.

The event of synchronicities is so supernatural, that the initiate has no choice, but to believe the numbers is coming from God. Having been fooled myself by the demons who live in spiritual realms, I have completely realized that the whole spiritual movement, part of New Age, is a total setup from the beginning.

The whole point of the numbers, is to get the attention of the initiate, so the false angels can suck energy out of them. What is presented as syncs from the divine source, is nothing but a deceitful project run by Satan, a secret plan which only those who can see behind the curtains can truly understand.

Most of the spiritual people who is experiencing the numerical syncs such as 11:11, 222, 333, 444; are lost in a bubble which is being easily controlled through frequencies in the air by those who send them. Having experienced the bubble myself for many years, I can surely say that spiritual life inside it is nothing, but a game about raising vibration.

What the initiates fail to realize, is that they have been tricked to believe they have escaped the third dimensional matrix, by being placed inside a fifth dimensional bubble through frequency upgrade.

Fact is that the false guides keep sending numbers to the initiates constantly, with the main purpose of keeping them under total control. While the spiritual people, part of New Age, may feel a total sense of freedom and unconditional love, the real truth is that they're constantly being manipulated through the vibrations the fallen angels send to them.

You experience weird dreams which manifest in the third dimension

Before meeting my false twinflame, I experienced a lot of dreams which manifested in the third dimension later.  The events were so supernatural, I thought it was from God. What else to think?!

Fallen angels interfere in one's life through dreams, with the main purpose of forcing them to believe the supernatural events is a gift from God. Because what the initiates experience in their dreams, manifests in the third dimension later, they do think it is God who is sending them the frequencies through syncs such as 11:11, 222, 333, 444.

The game runs really deep. The Devil mixes a lot of truth with a lie; that's why he manages to deceive a lot of people.

Not only did I experience weird dreams before meeting my false twinflame, but also after the experience with the spiritual awakening. Lately I have received a weird dream in which I was flying inside the home of  a beautiful girl; the next day I saw the exact girl in the street in which I was passing.

The fallen angels is very powerful when it comes to manipulating the initiate, as they have managed to transmit to them frequencies of the fifth dimension.

Dreams is another way through which the astral parasites project realities into the spiritual people. Being a victim of the fallen angels myself, there is a lot of weird dreams which I have experienced. Almost all of them have been manifested in the third dimension.

You feel drained all the time

In the beginning of the spiritual awakening, the initiates feel a sense of unconditional love around their heart. The energy during the beginning of the awakening is crazy; spiritual people feel like they're experiencing heaven on earth.

Having experienced all of the energies of the spiritual awakening, part of the New Age movement, myself, I completely understand how deep the game goes.

The real war is spiritual. The fallen angels who stand behind the awakening, give one a sense of heaven in the beginning, with the main purpose of tricking them into the fifth dimensional bubble.

Once one is tricked into the fifth dimensional bubble, they are constantly being exploited by the demons who come as light in the beginning. To upgrade frequency from a third dimensional one, to a fifth dimensional one, means to open the kind of portals which astral parasites can easily exploit to suck out energy of the initiates.

Those who have experienced the spiritual awakening, feel constantly drained during their journey. The fallen angels present it as energy shift, but in reality it is another scheme to steal energy from the workers of light, who have fallen prey of the New Age movement.

Final thoughts

Most of the people in the spiritual community fail to understand the fact that they're being constantly exploited by astral parasites who live in spiritual realms; and it is tragic! Being a victim for many years myself, I feel it is time to expose the New Age movement!

If people can fake their personal frequency to take advantage of each other, why wouldn't fifth dimensional beings do the same?! 

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Jesus has teleporting skills, the Scripture tells us

Most of the people, especially those who have no idea about spirituality and their divine nature, see Teleportation only as science fiction stuff. Those in the awake side, for sure that believe one's soul has almost infinite power, since its origin is from the creator of the entire universe, God. Topics which to others is paranormal activity, or just fantasy to the most, do make sense to spiritual people who have knowledge of self.

Being an orthodox christian myself, I fully believe in the divine nature of The Savior, Jesus Christ. Not only does he have healing abilities, but also skills which only God himself has, such as Teleportation.

A careful observation of the holy scripture, reveals the Teleportation ability of Jesus during his mission here on earth. Let's take a look at the verses in which Christ manifested his Teleportation skills in his first coming.

According to Mathew, Jesus moved an entire ship with his disciples in it, over two miles from the origin in which he found it.

Now when evening came, His disciples went down to the sea, got into the boat, and went over the sea toward Capernaum. And it was already dark, and Jesus had not come to them. Then the sea arose because a great wind was blowing. So when they had rowed about three or four miles, they saw Jesus walking on the sea and drawing near the boat; and they were afraid. But He said to them, “It is I; do not be afraid.” Then they willingly received Him into the boat, and immediately the boat was at the land where they were going. (John 6:16–21)

Based on the above verse, Jesus Christ has teleported the ship with his disciples, with at least two miles.

The above map shows the sea of Galilee, which is 7 miles across. Taking in consideration the ship of the Christ's disciples had rowed 3 or 4 miles before his arrival, it is at least two miles, that has been cut from the total distance.

Another obvious example of Teleportation performed by Jesus on his first coming on earth, can be easily found in John's gospel.

And after eight days His disciples were again inside, and Thomas with them. Jesus came, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, “Peace to you!” (John 20:26)

Appearance of Jesus Christ behind locked doors

Not only does Jesus Christ appears out of nowhere, but he also disappears from people's sight. The following verse, found in Luke's gospel, is another example of his divine nature.

Now it came to pass, as He sat at the table with them, that He took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they knew Him; and He vanished from their sight. (Luke 24:30–31)

Final thoughts

The son of God is infinite love, pure light with unlimited powers. During different times on earth, God has used teleporting to help his loyal children. Glory be to King of Kings!

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The heaviest women in the world, attempts to lose weight for her wedding


Nowadays most of the people say that physical appereance does not matter to them, but it seems that it does for Charity Pierce, the heaviest women in the world. 765lbs, Charity cries in tears about her physical conditions.

'I would rather die than live this way', she says. 

Being the heaviest women in the world, Pierce hates her body, her life. God has not abandoned her. Tony, her boyfriend, is taking care of her. Although he is half her age, the relationship between the two, proves that true love has no conditions.

Charity's dream is to marry Tony, but first she has to get rid of her heavy weight, so she can have a normal life, just like others.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

If this disabled cutie proposed you, would you date her?


Nowadays there is a lot of propaganda going on when it comes to motivate women who do not feel worthy of themselves due to their physical look with the main purpose of boosting their inner confidence, especially in the spiritual communities; such as, 'the physical appearance does not matter', 'only the inner beauty matters' etc.

Truth is that most of the men do care how a women looks like, and the outer appearance is a key factor to them when it comes to dating a girl. 

No matter how hard those who preach equality try, in my personal opinion, most of men would never like to date a women who is considered to be ugly by society's standards. It is harsh, but it is true!

Imagine when it comes to disabled women. How many would be courageous enough to handle the pressure of the society and be with them? 

I am very interested in the opinion of men, their honest one. Would they go in a date with a cutie like the one shown below, no matter she is disabled?

Please be honest, the truth is harsh, but it will set us free!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

False twinflame connection is a setup by Lucifer, here are the signs from my experience


The spiritual awakening does not seem as easy as feeling only unconditional love lately, as once you wake up to the point that you meet God, you discover a very shocking fact. The game is really deep, truth is that there is a spiritual war which has been going on since the fall of Adam and Eve from the Eden Garden.

The ugly truth is that spiritual people, many of whom I know, is being lost in raising vibration, in a bubble of frequencies and anyone who has another truth from them, is nothing but a low vibrational being who does not love themselves without conditions. I have been there and I know how tricky that reality is. Although I accept that salvation comes from within, I do not agree that it can come without accepting Christ as your savior, but that's another topic which I am going to share in future blog posts.

The purpose of this article, is to expose the false twinflame experience, which I do truly believe with all my heart that it is a clear setup by the second master of the Universe, the fallen angel whom God loved so much. Lucifer!

I know many in the spiritual community is going to judge me for this article, but I forgive them as I have been there, the path which they're experiencing right now was once mine.

Now, let's continue with the signs.

The person who is about to meet their twinflame has a weird dream before the meeting

Before meeting my false twinflame, I had a very weird dream in which the name of the person whom I was about to meet revealed to me. It was very hypnotic, like an experience from a completely different dimension. Why would God do that to someone?

The fallen angel, Lucifer, is the second master after God. Many think and believe that he has no power, but the Bible labels him as the master of the power of the air, which explains everything. Since the Universe is being built on energy, vibration and frequency the master of the power of the air can easily interfere on someone's life, like he does with those that he puts on the false twinflame experience.

From the dream that I did experience, now that I am completely in the patrol and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I have come to the conclusion that the false twinflame was a clear setup by the master of the power of the air and his demons.

The person who meets the false twinflame is completely obsessed by them

The false twinflame meeting is a very intriguing and energy sucking experience. Having experienced it all, I remember that I was completely obsessed with this person, whom I did believe to be the one.  Every moment I was thinking about them, day and night. It was a very weird experience from the energy perspective as I was feeling constantly drained and powerless to get up on my own feet.

Lucifer and his demons love to play people as they feed on negative energy, their Kingdom is a rebellion against the most high, the Holy Father!

The more energy one spends thinking about their false twinflame, the more powerful the demons and Lucifer feel as they feed on external power, they want to prove God how they can mess with his own children.

The false twinflame is under dark entity attack constantly

When I managed to contact my false twinflame, after being obsessed with her for many years, she told me that she was experiencing attacks from dark entities. In the beginning I did not take it seriously as I thought it was normal because of the awakening experience, but now I really feel sorry for her. And I hope things get better for her, of course with the help of God through the Holy Spirit.

The point is that the false twinflame's aura is manipulated by the demons of Lucifer with the main purpose of making people fall into obsessions for them. Satan's soldiers, usually pick good looking women to play false love tricks on other people.

The false twinflame has no idea about twinflames, or the experience

Those in the twinflame community, think that the person who is their twinflame has not awakened yet, but the truth is that they're never going to wake up as they have no idea what goes on since all happens in higher dimensions, the dreams and everything. It is the demons setting up and playing the entire play, it is them who pull the strings. Those who fall, and most do since it is a control from angelic beings who chose to rebel against God, are tricked into a bubble state as they think they have met the one.

When I asked my false twinflame if she had any feelings for me, she said she did not even remember my face. I was like, wtf?! We had so much eye contact!

There is constant weird dreams interfering with your life during your false twinflame experience

Dreams never stop during the false twinflame experience. When one goes through such hell, they see their dreams manifest the next day, almost the same as they did experience in their dream state. Although it seems like a cool experience to have, like some supernatural stuff everyone dreams about to go through, it is nothing, but a total control from demons.

Why would God put someone in such experience, in an experience where one has no control at all what happens to them?!

The false twinflame experience feels like an experiment of dark entities

I tell you guys deeply from my good heart, from all that I have experienced during the false twinflame experience, everything is a setup and an experiment of Satan's demons. From the beginning to the end, it is an obsession over someone who does not know about your existence on mother Earth at all!

Satan needs people in his Kingdom

Satan is wise enough to know and understand that he can never take the place of God, so he attacks his children, as they're weak compared with the power he has, especially when God's children don't believe in their father anymore! 
Lately I have come to the conclusion that almost all people have rebelled against God, although most is not spiritually wise enough to understand it, as they're lost in the flow of darkness.

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