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Monday, September 17, 2018

Christian parents let their little baby girl to die of dehydration after refusing help for religious reasons, later they receive a murder charge


Christians have a very strong belief in Jesus Christ as their savior from all kinds of things, even from sickness. Being one myself, I have fully surrendered my life as a sheep to the true shepherd. 

Although the King of Kings takes care of all his sheep, for no reason he forces his true believers to refuse help from others. Being all children of God, we must prove our loyalty to Christ by giving and receiving unconditional love which can be expressed in many forms here on earth.

Unfortunately there are those who misunderstand the word of God and make decisions based on false doctrines. Probably not fully aware of their actions, these people refuse to get help by God himself as it is known to us through our entire history that the Lord takes care of his people through others.

A Christian couple let their 10-month-old girl die due to their lack of faith in medical services. According to the father of the baby, doctors are priesthoods of the medical cult.

Seth Welch and Tatiana Fusari are now being charged with a felony murder and first-degree child abuse. What is even scarier, is the fact that after the death of his little baby, Seth showed no repentance.

Referring the evolution theory in one of his religious ranting videos which he posted on social media, Seth said that we should let the weakest die. 

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User fills his smartphone full of rice after dropping it into water, tech community judges his dumb decision

Many people recommend to put a wet smartphone in rice as a way to save it. The theory behind this technique is that the uncooked rice will suck out all the water from the waterlogged device and so bring it back to life.

Inspired by the technique, recently a smartphone user has filled his device full of rice, hopping such decision will bring his tech gadget back to life. 

Anyone with a little brain knows the big difference between putting the smartphone in rice and filling it with rice. Having seen the above photo, the tech community has exploded in comments...

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Guy sells Holy Water on Craigslist, it costs $25 a bottle to get into Heaven

When Jesus Christ came here on earth to teach the people the word of God, he said that nobody can see the Kingdom Of Heaven unless they're being born again by water and spirit. Having experienced a rebirth myself through the Holy Ghost, I do truly understand what the King of Kings meant while teaching such lesson to the spiritually dead people.

Living in a material based life, wolves in sheep clothes would do anything to make money. Especially nowadays. And Christ warned us about the extremely hard days to come after his resurrection.

God is sending those who are being born again, as sheep among the wolves. That's why we as Christians need to be wise as snakes and harmless like doves.

Unfortunately not every Christian is keeping the word of God. That's why most of them have fallen prey of the wolves! That's why most of them will buy holy water...

                        Holy water being sold in Craigslist, $25 a bottle

The truth rebirth can come only from the Spirit Of God; the Holy Spirit! Salvation is not for sale, how can holy water be so?!

Tinder girl tells the boy to cut the bullshit and get the D**k inside her, take a look at the chat messages

While most of the men are not lucky with women the first time they meet, a guy on Tinder has managed to turn on a female just by talking about bread. Probably an Internet troller, he was asking the girl about what kind of bread she likes.

And the story went straight to the point...

Not sure if this type of social interaction is a real one or not, almost anyone is aware that people have completely lost their morals nowadays.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

This Cambodian Cafe offers its clients the company of a real reptile friend while they enjoy their drinks


Coffee shops are frequented daily by people as they need to socialize with each other and also have a good time after work. Since people have different personalities, the coffee shop owners design their businesses to match the specific needs of their customers.

With the main purpose of keeping his clients entertained while staying at his Cafe, Cambodian Chea Raty has themed his business with reptile tanks. According to him, each client who visits his Cafe can choose to have the reptile they want to keep themselves entertained while sipping their drink. 

People fear reptiles in general, but for Chea there is nothing one should fear about them as he believes that we as human beings have misunderstood them due to their scary appearance. 

Being an authentic idea, the reptile-themed coffee shop has brought Chea many clients and his Cafe has also caught the attention of the global press. 

Clients who consume drinks in his business, like to play with the different reptiles and also take pictures with them which they later upload on their social media profiles. The following photos are taken by Chea's clients while they were enjoying good time with reptilian friends.

Image credits, Chea Raty.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

North Carolinian mom refuses to evacuate her kids, they don't fear the Category Four hurricane


Each one of us has the instinct of survival, especially when it comes to natural catastrophes. There are exceptions to it, for sure! 

Surprisingly, a North Carolinian women has refused to evacuate her family as she believes in the strength of numbers. When asked by the MSNBC's  journalist on why she was refusing to move further inland, she answered with the following.

'From my experience, getting back into town after the storm is very difficult.  Knowing that our family and friends and our home are all here, we don't want to leave them unprotected for a prolonged amount of time. We are going to try to stay put.'

Although the women has a lot of courage, I find her decision extremely immature. Being a mother of three, she should be responsible and at least evacuate her kids. 

Make sure to watch the interview by clicking the video which is being shown below.

Image credits,

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Instagram vs Reality, photos that show the truth

Due to mind programming done through Television and Internet, people dream a perfect life about themselves and they try to project it on their social media profiles. Instead of them looking for happiness within them, people focus on how they look in the eye of others.

A German artist has started a project which exposes the truth about the Instagram life; a life which in reality is a fake one. At least for most of the people.

Take a look at the following photos as each one of them has certain details that show the difference between the real life and the one people show on Instagram.

Image credits, Geraldine West.

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